For thousands of years before the written word, women held imperative, honored roles in society. Goddesses were worshiped alongside gods, revered as the most powerful of beings. Stories of awesome women—mothers and lovers, warriors and friends—were passed down, from mouth to ear, for countless generations.

For ages these stories were recorded and erased, commemorated and lost. The tales we know today are those that made the cut, but what ended up on the cutting room floor? And what can we piece together from what we have left?

At Reviving Herstory we are dedicated to reviving and retelling lost women's talesbiblical, historical, and otherwise. With the tools we have at our disposal—sacred texts, mythology, history, archaeology, and centuries of scholarship—we seek their stories. Their cultures. Their forgotten songs. We ask questions that give voice to the archetypes and heroines who have taught and inspired, titillated and scandalized, and forever changed the world.

Reviving :

1 :  to restore to consciousness or life

2 :  to restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state: bring back

3 :  to renew in the mind or memory

Herstory :

1 :  her story         

2 :  Viewing what has come before through the lens of a female or woman’s perspective. No longer just considered a term of the feminist, society at large is beginning to understand what has transpired for the past thousands of years has been written, interpreted and told from a male-centered, patriarchal point of view, called his-story. Herstory is the other half of the equation, the missing pieces of the puzzle, told from the other gender. Howard Zinn, Historian        

If Reviving Herstory could sing to you, we would sing you this:

It's time we say what we want to say. And let the words fall out.